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Marika is a Hungarian woman, born into an aristocratic family. While in Hungary, she attended a high level school where she studied art.


By the age of 20, her love for the arts led her to study at Shenkar - a highly prestigious school in Israel where she focused in the fields of fashion and design. Her studies at Shenkar became a catalyst to the world of design.


Highly motivated and determined to use her training and skills, she began to design her own clothing line, which was featured in several fashion stores and boutiques in Israel. Her unique designs and talent did not go unrecognized, and soon Marika landed notable roles with Carline and Revlon.

Soon, her true gifts were funneled into the fine art of jewelry design and production – combining many years of experience as an art student, turned fashion designer and make-up artist. She mainly worked in design as well as production of beautiful, unique jewelry.


With Marika’s mastery of design, she became the lead designer of these products. Although, she has always felt a natural attraction to beautify and luxury, Marika would have never guessed she would end up the tastemaker and trendsetter in the jewelry business she is today. 


Marika uses a combination of her natural talent in design, nature’s inspiration, and immense and effective education, as well as key understanding of modern trends. Her works continue to showcase through her beautifully enchanting designs.

Marika loves spending time with her grandchildren. She is full of life and curiosity, with a passion for traveling. The joy and colors in her life, along with the variety in her travels, are always been reflected in Marika's designs. These designs are being recognized at numerous award-winning competitions.

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